Marie Bendeck

Marie Bendeck  is a fashion designer born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Marie left Honduras at an early age to study abroad; after years of working in the fashion industry , she started to feel that something was not aligned with her true purpose. Her mother, Lima, had founded a jewelry store where Marie used to work in the during her summer breaks; soon she had the idea of designing a few pieces for the store, and quickly she shifted from clothing design to jewelry design. Gathering her experience in the jewelry field through the store, she was especially influenced to follow her artistic calling by her late father, Anuar Elias Bendeck, a very well known architect in Honduras.  Her designs, which started as an experimental idea, have now turned into her passion .

Marie iniciated her studies in fashion design at the Universidad de Palermo, in Buenos aires, Argentina, she later transfered to LCI Felicidad Duce in Barcelona, she also studied pattern making in Escuela guerrero Barcelona.

Her main focus is creating unique pieces, she believes that originality is the key and distinctive focus of her designs. Her pieces are fun, fresh and inspired by the beauty and versatility of nature.